Winter A Poem

Winter yawns

Its frigid gasps

Dropping leaves

My body cleaves

The warm flesh of

My beloved’s body.


Bodies mingle

Lover and beloved

Colorful falls

Weeds and leaves

grass and trees

whistle as they fall

a slow song

to endless cycles.


love and hate

birth and death

rebirth and remind

refresh and reverse

the universe.


To show you

I love

I walk in the breeze

Of a falling leaf

It makes me believe.


We will fall

We will walk

We will stumble

We will turn colors

We will run

Into the day.


Beautiful rain

Leaves be fall(ing)

Creative play

Endless wonder(ing)

What can it mean

Snow be melt(ing)

In the spr(ing).


Whistling winds

Burning bushes

Dancing lightning

Screaming fog

See the day

It goes away.


I do not know

Erased my wants

Delete destiny

for now it is all –

A falling leaf.


(Off the burning bush

It fell, and blew off

Riding the wind.

To the scholars of independence

It calls and proclaims

My winds have no shame

Cannot hold any blame)


It spoke

And rained on

The others say –

All it did (was)

For another day