תוכן עניינים



I want to

Give you my thanks

do what you do with it

use it to praise yourself

humble yourself

accept yourself

think you are better than me


it’s all yours now.

Thanksgiving II

I want to

Give you my thanks

Take it and

cherish it

Let it blossom

in fertile souls

watch it give birth

to full bodied trees

in wisdom of eternity

treasure it as –

I forgot to leave any

For me.

Thanksgiving III


I want to

Give you my thanks

Take it and

pass it on

to somebody more hungry

someone more needy

use it to find

something left unthanked

something the thankers

and the thinkers and the thanked

had forgotten – they are all

full of it.

Thanksgiving IV


I want to

Give you my thanks

Take it and –

Yes, I said you

you the fairies and you the stars

you the oceans and you the clouds

you the angels and you the saints

you the dirt and you the grass

you the flowers and you the bees

you the simple and you the lost

take it to you

thank you.


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